Dasani Water by the Coca-Cola Company is now in Pakistan


Summer is here and along with it comes the much dreaded heatwave. Did you know? The 2015 heatwave left over 35,000 people suffering from heat strokes and heat exhaustion.

What can you do to avoid a similar outcome? It’s quite simple, STAY HYDRATED!

Water is the obvious yet imperative key towards leading a healthy, nutritious and active life. But you knew that already so let’s talk about what you might not know. Coca-Cola, a brand that we know and trust, has introduced an ideal summer partner for you – Dasani.


The Dasani water is extracted from a deep underground local source. It is then purified and filled using high-safety standards at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan ltd. Moreover, what’s interesting is that the Dasani bottles are sold in 35+ countries including United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Egypt.


Dasani is ISO certified and is the brand for you to carry around in the scorching heat to keep yourself cool and hydrated.


We are ready to face this summer with our ideal summer partner, are you?




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