LUX girls being #FansOfEachOther


Its wide spread gossip that actresses hate each other. Actress feuds have dominated the scene. From Debbie Reynolds and Joan Collins to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Katie Perry, the narrative around these feuds has grown stronger and stronger and it aids the publics perception of women celebrities: that they are competitive and hostile. However that is not always the case, and Lux’s new campaign: Fans of Each other battled this myth.

On the 30th of June 2018, Lux launched their new campaign, and there were no exceptions. From the moment one entered the event there was a feeling of joi da vie. Lux’s signature smell hung in the air. Flowers cocooned the Deli, while the very glamorous creme de la creme of Pakistan’s Industry began to arrive.

The event started off with the very alluring Zara Peerzada taking the mic and enchanting the guests invited. She took three names. Three names that are synonymous to grace, elegance and powerful. Reema Khan , Mahira Khan & Maya Ali.

And as if with magic the three powerhouses stepped forward into a larger than life floral frame. As the women entered everyone’s line of vision it was clear that this was the turning point of the afternoon.


What followed was the screening of 3 short Lux Films. And that is when Lux truly won the audience’s hearts. The three films had a very clear structure and story line, but one that inspired girls from all around Pakistan. Asim Raza’s directing had us longing for more. (just like most of his work)

Reema Khan

Maya Ali

Mahira Khan


The message was simple: Girls Support Girls. And the myth that celebrities, specifically women don’t support women, is just a myth.


As Asima Haq, the Marketing Director of Unilever Pakistan Limited, said in an interview: “These girls love, support and respect each other and are the true embodiment of the ‘Fans of Each Other’ concept, Our main message here is that these girls are pitched against each other and made to sound like they are rivals when in reality they not only praise each other but are genuinely happy with each other’s success.”

A message that needs to be heard now more than ever, when women are climbing up the work force, not just in the film industry, but various other sectors and need each others support.

The ads managed to kick the guests into an all time high. Empowering messages of powerful women see to do that to people. A campaign very well executed by J. Walter Thompson.

As the evening came to a close, guests mingled, as the scent of the new Lux fragrance wavered in the air. They munched on nibbles and spoke to one another about the future of Pakistan’s enterprising and powerful women.


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