Mathira Got Trolled For Posing With A Dupatta In Her New Pictures


Mathira is not an ordinary name for us since we know her from so long. And if she’s known to us, I think we don’t need to introduce her to you people. Probably you are her fan or you don’t like her that’s why you clicked to see the details. Well, that’s pretty interesting.

Mathira always look cool whenever she’s around

She’s a mom however she still manages to maintain herself!

Currently, she posted a super amazing picture

OMG, the caption is on point though! But as usual, the Pakistani people started playing their role by posting negative comments because she’s wearing a DUPATTA and posing too. I mean what’s wrong with people? It’s her account, her life, her body and obviously her choice! nevertheless, still, people couldn’t stop themselves from leaving horrible and improper comments.


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