Fahad Mustafa Criticizes On Inappropriate Content In Wajahat Rauf’s Web Series “Enaaya”


Pakistan’s much-admired film and TV personality Fahad Mustafa is rarely involved in social media controversies. However, the actor has taken Twitter to taunt on the short films and web series at the sort of content they are creating. He termed it to be ‘cheap.’

Here’s what he said:

Nudity, abusive language and just talking about sex is not content. Let’s not call it freedom of speech! Actors selling themselves very cheaply is not cool at all. Web series and short films need to be a little dignified or they should just call it porn…

This tweet doesn’t clear that to whom he’s pointing out. Because he only mentioned web series and short films, not any featured or commercial film.

As soon as the “Jeeto Pakistan” host shared his thoughts, people started countering to it. “Absolutely. It’s becoming an increasing trend where different so-called producers are coming up with the filthiest content to earn some bucks,” a user commented.


Others expressed anger and took omission to the actor’s standpoint.

Here are some reactions to Fahad’s tweet:



Few of them pointed out his hypocrisy:




Finally, Wajahat Rauf bombard with his reply to Fahad!

And later on, Fahad tweeted another statement which was a sort of clarification to Wajahat Rauf and other people.

He stated:

I love you @wajahatrauf and you know it … my tweet was about foreign content and not your people just trying to create an issue out of nothing … Best of luck for your upcoming film and whatever you do in future my friend


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