Agha Ali & Sarah Khan’s Recent Post Has Made The Fans Confused About Their Relationship


Agha Ali and Sarah Khan are one of the favorite couples of Pakistani people. And why not? Their love chemistry is super amazing while giving a look at them; it seems that they are made for each other. They are always found side by side. Lemme show it to you:

A ramp walk

A perfect photoshoot

Nevertheless, Agha Ali’s recent Instagram post with a deep and meaningful caption has made the couple’s fans worried and confused too. Agha posted his own picture which he took at his friend’s wedding. Fans had fallen in love with his looks but were also confused by reading the caption of the picture. This confusion turned into too many questions. Well let’s see:

Yes, that’s a very deep and meaningful quote. But wait! This is natural that sometimes we all like posting deep quotes with our photos.  Don’t we? However, fans raised questions as to why Sarah Khan isn’t the one who provides dil ko tassaliyan. OMG, now that’s something sad! We actually wish that the two of them are okay. Fans also noticed that Agha Ali isn’t following Sarah Khan on Instagram anymore either. In fact, their pictures together have also disappeared. Fans concern:

After reading out each and every comment, we thought to really have a look at this. And yes, this is what we found it:

Agha Ali has removed Sarah Khan from his following list.

You can see that he’s following zero people.

Sarah Khan isn’t following him either.

Still, we’re not actually sure if that proves they’ve broken up… But then again, where are Sarah and Agha’s lovable pictures gone? Let’s look into…

So Agha Ali’s Instagram does have photos and videos from his current serial…

Moving on to Sarah Khan, she does have a few pictures still there. For example!

She posted this picture and later it was deleted!

Now the caption gives me a Goosebumps. It seems that something is wrong between them.

However, who knows what’s going on? Possibly they decided to keep their lives private on social media? Maybe they DID break-up? Ahh, GOD KNOWS IT BETTER!

If what we all have seen is true, we really hope that the two find harmony and happiness. If not, we’ll be super happy that they’re still together! What do you think about Agha Ali’s recent Instagram post? Let us know in the comments below!


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