People Are Getting Confused While Seeing Kinza Hashmi In Saba Faisal’s Family Picture


Our Instagram is flooded with so many pictures and you know what? Saba Faisal’s son Salman Faisal got Nikkahfied with Neha Malik. Yes, you’ve read right. Tipu aka Salman has got married. The family members posted a lot of pictures from the Nikkah ceremony.

Here’s the picture of Adorable couple:

Saba Faisal posted a family picture:

Let’s see what the caption says:


Besides this, one of the most important things is that we can see Kinza Hashmi in this picture. Are you wondering like me that why she’s spotted in the picture? Fans are also getting confused. Here are few of the comments people did on Saba Faisal’s post:

Although It was a very close ceremony and only the family members of Salman Faisal were present then why only Kinza Hashmi? Why not someone else from the industry? Will she get married to Saba’s youngest son Arsalan? In short, that’s possible too!!

Here’s another picture of Saba Faisal with Sadia Faisal and Kinza Hashmi:

The caption says:

My girls🤗

Something is fishy. Hence, people got curious to know the reason for only inviting Kinza Hashmi. Here are the comments:

However, we doubt that something is going on. Maybe Saba Faisal is thinking to make Kinza Hashmi her daughter in law? Or maybe there’s something else? Well, what do you people think about it? Do let us know in the comments below!


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