Ali Safina gave a mouth shutting reply on Gharida Farooqi’s tweet about Junoon band


As we all know that Junoon is one of the favorite and prominent band which is loved and listened to by almost everyone. The song, beat, music and what not? Everything is amazing! Two days back, HBL PSL 4 opening ceremony took place and versatile singers like Junoon band, Aima Baig, Shuja Haider, Fawad Khan, Young Desi, Ali Azmat and Salman Ahmed were on the floor to rock the audience.

Each one did a great job but it seems that Gharida Farooqi doesn’t like Junoon Band. Well, that’s very surprising.

Here’s what she tweeted!

However, no one agrees with her on this because people are damn in love with the Junoon band. They’re supporting Junoon Band while showing their love in the replies.

Here’s what people replied on her tweet:

Last, but not the least, Ali Safina, the famous Pakistani actor also supported Junoon Band by showing his love.

Ali Safina gave a mouth shutting reply to Gharida Farooqi on her tweet.

He shows his love for Junoon Band and states that there’s no other band that reunites all together like Junoon Band. He’s a Junooni forever and people couldn’t resist back while agreeing with him.

Here’s what people responded on his tweet:

Junoon band’s performance on HBL PSL Season 4:

Who’s right according to you? Will you acknowledge with Ali Safina’s response to Gharida Farooqi’s tweet? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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