Romeo Weds Heer- A Roller Coaster Ride Is Finally On Its HIGH


Starring the most loved on-screen couple after their hit drama Khaani, Sana Javed and Feroze Khan made a hilarious yet sweet comeback on our television screens this fall. The cool guy vs the rough and tough girl, Romeo and Heer have made their places in our Sunday nights routine now. This light hearted romantic serial, with just the right dose of comedy is the perfect drama to unwind from the long week.

So what hilarity ensued this week?

Well, for once, Heer’s brother and brother in law got caught for using an illegal electricity connection for Heer’s mayon function. That surely served as another embarrassment for Romeo’s mom in front of her friends. Well, we didn’t expect anything else, because the drama has been giving us these comedic scenes one after the other!

This episode also had some very cutesy scenes between Romeo and Heer, they shared gol gappas on the beach, followed by going to their college in the middle of the night and eventually being chased off by imaginary ghosts! In the middle of this comedic sequence, they remembered how they fell in love, how their relationship started from hate and fight, and has now turned into love.

Romeo and Heer, a contemporary story of falling in love with a twist, has been like a breath of fresh air every week. A break from all the sappy and sad dramas, Romeo and Heer have been giving us hit episodes, one after the other. These love birds, united by a hell lot of comedy and some twists of fate, are not like your average couple. The hilarious roles of all the other characters bring life to our Saturday nights.

Last night’s episode ended on a relatively serious note, though. Faryal, their class fellow from university who is hopelessly in love with Romeo reveals over a phone call that she was the “ghost” scaring them in university, and also the “drunk driver” who almost hit them with their car. Romeo, finally realizes the gravity of the situation and ends the call with her asking her to back off. It doesn’t look like they would be getting rid of Faryal anytime soon, though. She follows Romeo in her car, and makes him come with her to her house, for a cup of tea, to part ways finally. However, it is the day of his wedding, and we are not too sure if he is going to make it back there on time!

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, and we just cannot wait for the next episode! Will Romeo and Heer get married, or has Faryal actually kidnapped Romeo?

By Yusra Waheed


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