Dil E Berehem – Episode 7 Leads To Some Serious Plot Progress


Sadia Jabbar Productions is a name associated with some of the most successful dramas and Dil E Berehem is one of them, airing on APlus drama channel. It is directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama and written by Mansoor Saeed. The drama is themed around love and extreme revenge circling around lead stars, Amar Khan playing as Aiza and Wahaj Ali playing as Tabish.

Episode 7 of Dil E Berehem has unfolded many things and it all begins with Aleena’s Dadi meeting Shehriyar at a restaurant to clear a few things up. She requests him to proceed with the wedding as Aleena truly loves him and she cannot think of anyone else who could keep her happy. This appeal is enough to melt Shehriyar’s heart and he calls Aleena to inform her that their wedding will proceed as planned.

Farah catches Aiza red handed in the hospital along with Dadi.

Aiza receives a call from Tabish as she stands in front of the door behind which is Dadi, his father and her mother. Upon being asked where she was, she lies to him saying she is at a mall with Dadi.

As soon as she keeps the phone, Farah sneaks up behind her and catches her red handed. She makes sure that Aiza knows she has heard everything and that she knows she has lied about being in a mall when she is clearly in a hospital.

Farah now knows that the man inside the room is none other than Shah Sulaiman but she is unclear what connection he has with Aiza or Dadi. Farah threatens Aiza that whatever trap she has set, she is caught up in it as soon Farah will know everything and so will Tabish’s mother.

As Aleena and Shehriyar get married, a major plot twist is revealed when Shehriyar consoles with his parents that he married Aleena only because of them and that he does not feel obliged to her as a wife i

Aleena & Shehriyar get married but Aleena’s house of dreams is soon going to crumble.

n any way.

This was seriously the most unexpected plot twist as we were made to believe that Shehriyar actually loves Aleena. But now we know that he has married her for money and Aleena’s marriage with him will be nothing like she dreamed off.

Wahaj Ali steals the episode as he looks so much like Fawad Khan in his stunning Sherwani.

No doubt the entire episode was nail biting but we can all agree that Wahaj Ali in that amazing body fitting sherwani stole the entire episode. He looked so much like Fawad Khan and it was so hard to take our eyes off him. As a huge fan, I wonder if I watch the drama simply because Wahaj Ali looks so handsome, but then it hits me that he is an amazing actor as well.

We wonder what is Farah hiding behind that strange smile? Will Shehriyar betray Aleena? Will Aiza succeed in her plans? Keep watching Dil E Berehem to watch how the story unfolds.

By Aisha Ahmed


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