Pakistani male celebrities honored the female population on this Women’s Day


Around the globe, 8th March is the day where Women’s Day is celebrated. It stresses upon the matters which needs to be discussed on a serious note, for e.g., women’s equal representation worldwide. The day also motivates in celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women from every aspect. This year, several Women’s Day marches were arranged in order to restore back the women’s existence and place in society as an individual.

Apart from everything else, what made us wonder the most is the inspiring and heartfelt messages shared by people for appreciating women across the globe. Pakistani male celebrities have also honored the female population and here are some messages they shared on their social media.

Imran Abbas gave an influential message for all the women out there.

Adnan Malik showed gratitude to all the women present in his life and appreciates the capabilities women have.

I am so grateful for the strong, powerful, compassionate, beautifully complex women in my life who have shaped me into the man I am today. I am always in awe of who they are and the choices they make in an environment that’s generally conducive to their natures. Women are the strength and pillars of every society. I look forward to a time when every day is celebrated as women’s day!

Imran Ashraf, aka “Bhola” from the drama serial Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi also shared a message for women on this day:

The versatile singer and actor Gohar Mumtaz talks about the respect and role of women in society.

Make sure we give them more respect and strength by being stereotyping them less. Our society and nation need empowered and educated women to contribute towards making this a progressive nation. They are certainly more hardworking than men”.

Bilal Qureshi also shared a beautiful message to accolade women.

Naveed Raza’s message is also a genuine one for all the women out there.

“Where there are women, there is magic. Happy Women’s Day to all the awesome, strong, brave, beautiful and magical women out there. Stay blessed.”

Zahid Ahmed shared a lovely quote to wish all women out there on Women’s Day.

Aurat zaat ke liye kya kahun?… Bas itna kehna kaafi hai… Ke agar mard kaafi hota, tau aurat na hoti

hence, these messages were amazing and inspiring. What message would you like to share with women out there on this day? Share it in the comments below!


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