A few awakening & thought provoking messages from Aurat March 2019


On Friday 8th March, Women’s Day was celebrated all over the globe. And we are glad to see that Pakistanis actively participated on this day. Aurat Marches were held across cities in Pakistan, in order to raise voice against violence and many other issues. They wanted to make it clear that women are no less than man. A number of people came forward to show their presence while supporting Aurat March holding banners with messages that collide with patriarchy and subjugation.

Here are the best messages from Aurat March 2019 which will make you think at least for a while!



Thanks for this photo!!

Much needed post! Stop dictating women!

I wish everyone could understand this!



Enough said!


Appreciation needed for this man!

One of the best message people can spread!

Such a sweet message!

A real Aurat March message!

Yes, not only representation but power too!


Ready for equal rights!


Thought to provoke!

Poster of the day!

Yes yes yess!!

These were some thoughtful messages spread everywhere on Aurat March 2019. What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in comments below!