Ideas Pret showcased the Floral Raj theme in FPW’19 Day 2


This year, Ideas Pret presented the Floral Raj which was based around the theme of Victorian Glasshouse meets Mughal art. They brought to fashion in a variety of ways so that it can reach a huge audience.

The team molded this concept by imitating the cheerfulness, exploration, and experimentation of the Victorian era. The result was a collection of luxury east/west fusion mixed and matched in myriad ways. Dominant colors were mostly pastels from pink, light tones of blue and purple to ivory mixed with gold and silver work, the color palette was totally Spring and Summer festive. Bell sleeves, bell bottoms, flappers, breezy cool blues, and brown belts were all on point.

The collection combined twisted embroidery and signature prints that drew inspiration from Mughal miniatures, botanical motifs and linear architectural elements that represent Victorian glasshouses. The modern silhouettes of the collection were soaked in local craftsmanship and emulated the vibrancy of the Victorian era. From peplums and corset tops to voluminous sleeves, touches that are evocative of the style of that period were subtly placed throughout the show.

Here are 5 best pieces which we loved from the collection of Ideas Pret:

I’m lovin it!

What a lovely straight pant with grey embellished jacket!

Words are less to describe this dazzling outfit!

Perfect skirt blouse, perfect evening!

We were awestruck after seeing this innovation!