Romeo Weds Heer Episode 23 – Romeo Finally Weds Heer Amid All The Chaos & Troubles


Romeo Weds Heer is a romantic comedy drama serial by the 7th Sky Entertainment which is getting a lot of praises and likes specially by the fans of Feroze Khan and Sana Javed who play the lead role of Romeo and Heer. It is directed by Anjum Shehzad and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. The splendid acting performance by all cast members of the drama is one of the reasons the drama is going on a successful path.

Episode 23 finally shows us the moment we have all been waiting for – Romeo weds Heer.

The episode started with the famous scene of Heer dressed up in bridal attire, riding a bike in late night hours heading towards Romeo.

What makes this scene special is the fact that it is a punch in the face to all the clichéd scenes where the boy rescues the damsel in dismay. In this scene, we see a strong, confident and unafraid girl who finds out her lover is in trouble and without a second thought commits to rescuing him.

Splendid scene and a very well brought out message to the young girls to stay strong in every situation and realize that the first person to help them is themselves.

Heer rescues Romeo who has been waiting for her and is shocked to see her riding on a bike. Even upon insisting that he drives back the bike, Heer takes charge and lets him sit behind.

A very bride looking Heer takes Romeo to the mall for his shopping.

Romeo and Heer go to the mall for Romeo’s shopping and quickly search for Sherwani and related things as they are adamant to get married on the same day. It was funny watching Heer removing the Sherwani off a dummy and then getting shy as Romeo takes over, creative humor at the highest, to be honest.

And so both the dulha and dulhan reach the marriage hall on a bike but their families have already left for home and all the guests are gone. Heer freaks out and makes a call back home saying they are in the hall and Romeo’s family is also heading to the hall.

Nothing about this wedding is normal…It’s funny, it’s chaotic but most of all, it is simply cute.

Romeo and Heer on a bike while Heer’s family arriving in hall in rikshaw makes everything look funny yet cute in its own way. The moulvi is at home sleeping and so Aflatoon jumps in through a wall, picks the sleeping moulvi and brings him to the hall tied up with a rope so he doesn’t fall off the bike while sleeping.

With such an utter chaos, Romeo finally weds Heer and everyone is happy for them. But another chaos awaits Romeo at his home. As Heer and Romeo head home, Romeo finds Juliet in his bedroom. He calls his friend to help handle the situation and from there the level of chaos just exceeds to the highest.

Romeo is trying to hide Juliet but will Heer find her and what will happen if she does find Juliet dressed up a bride as well? Keeping watching Romeo Weds Heer for another dose of love, comedy and laughter.


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