FPW’19 Day 3: Zainab Chottani’s La fée unveiled a feminine dreamy collection


Zainab Chottani is a well-known name and who even don’t know her? Her collection is a sort of dream for every other person! She melted our hearts with her beautiful collection La fée showcased on FPW’19 day 3.

The collection unveiled a feminine dream collection celebrating ingenious orthodox handcraft in traditional style. Her pieces redefined elegance with precise flamboyance in pastel and sparkling rouge color palette and twisted blossomy floral designs. The collection abbreviates a breezy silhouette inducing traditional craftsmanship fused in the majestic ensemble. With rouge elements and sparkly detailing, some of her ensembles like the fiery red traditional suit left everyone mesmerized. And you know what was the loveliest moment? The impromptu concert which Asim Azhar put together on the ramp with Hania Amir. Showstoppers for ZainabChotani were Fatima Zara Malik, Hania Amir, and Asim Azhar.

Here are the 5 best pieces which we loved: