Ali Zafar’s song ‘Jaan De Denge’ is a major tribute to Pakistan


The heart-throb Ali Zafar released the teaser of his new song “Jaan De Denge” a day back and people fell in love with it. The song is full of patriotic dedication for the Pakistan Day.

The teaser started with the words of Father of the Nation ‘Quaid-e-Azam:

‘To get Pakistan we have given immense sacrifices.’

But now finally the song is released and it’s simply WOAH!!

This song will give you goosebumps for sure!!

The song is a major tribute to Pakistan plus a reminder of the sacrifices that our forefathers gave to achieve independence.

The song is sun magnificently and every line contains a deep meaning in it. It starts with soulful music and how Ali Zafar praises his homeland is simply incredible.

After that, the way he says ‘Jaan De Denge Tere Liye’ in such an energetic mode that it will give you chills in your spine. It will make you think that how lucky you are living independently in your own republic state Pakistan.

The patriotic video will make you feel everything.

On an ending note, Ali Zafar gives a message:

“The only thing worth fighting for… is Peace.”


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