Bushra Ansari & Asma Abbas gives a strong message for Indo-Pak peace


The renowned Pakistani actress and singer, Bushra Ansari together with her sisters are building peaceful gestures for a beautiful anthem. The time selection for releasing this song is perfect since these days people of both nations are infuriating on each other due to Indo-Pak tensions.

The song ‘Humsaye Maa Jaye’ is sung by the two legends of Pakistani entertainment industry Bushra Ansari along with her sister Asma Abbas. However, the lyrics were written by the third Ansari sister Neelum Ahmed Bashir. She acts as a peace-making base in the direction of our neighbors across the border.

Bushra released this video on her official YouTube channel.

 The description of video interprets:

“A music video that goes beyond war and borders to the hearts of people living so close, and yet so far away.”

You’ll love the song for sure!

In this vibrant and charming video, Asma and Bushra can be seen performing next door neighbors in Pakistan and India correspondingly. While seeing them humming in Punjabi heart touching lyrics, it shows the actual outlook that ordinary citizens in both the countries own and how it draws apart from the bitterness that is stimulated by the media.

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