Dil-e-Bereham Episode 12 – All is fair in Love and War


Sadia Jabbar Productions’ Dil-e-Bereham is proving to be the best drama of the season so far, with its back to back killer episodes every week, intriguing and genuinely interesting. Starring Amar Khan and Wahaj Ali, Dil-e-Bereham is hitting all the right notes with its audience. What started out as a story of love and revenge, has taken a lot of unexpected turns, leaving us wanting more. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and here it is definitely downright delicious.

This week on Dil-e-Bereham, things took a rather surprising turn, and made everything a whole lot interesting. Till now, we were expecting Farah to just be a pawn hired by Tahira to create problems between Ayeza and Tabish, but in this show, we should expect things to be a lot messier and interesting than they appear to be. After drugging Tabish and keeping him locked up all night, Farah has managed to convince her parents that he has assaulted her, and he is now in deep trouble. Ayeza is rightly suspicious of Farah to be behind all of this, and as she confronts her, Farah reveals that she is the daughter of the woman who is rejected by Ayeza’s father. This new development is going to lead the drama to a new direction, and hence Dil-e-Bereham has managed to keep us on our toes once again.

Instead of one, two revenge plans are brewing in the house now, and things are definitely going to get dark and twisted from here on. Armed with sweet smiles and a hunger for vengeance, both Farah and Ayeza are in too deep, and serving us one of the best storylines so far. The key in how well this all plays out is Amar Khan, who manages to appear as an attractive, harmless girl-next-door to everyone, while showing the viewers her resilience and intellect at the same time. Along with amazing performances from the supporting cast, Wahaj Ali’s magnetic charm on screen has no competition.

All in all, the struggle to choose between love and revenge is getting harder with every episode. With all the surprises that Dil-e-Bereham keeps throwing at us, we are prepared to see what fate has in store for Ayeza and Tabish. From the looks of it, Ayeza and Farah are not going to hold back to get their revenge, as they fight in this war for a love lost.


By: Yusra Waheed


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