Rici Melion shwed importance of Mental health through his collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’19


The glitz and glam of the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week hosted by the Lahore based Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) continued on the second day with lots of variety for the audience. The show-opener for day 2 was Rici Melion who presented the Spring Summer collection titled as “Voices” in order to show the importance of mental health. Ahmed Ali Butt was the showstopper.

The collection, ’Voices’ was mental disorders thought in avant-garde men dressmaking; with the goal of opening up the discussion about mental health that is mainly up till now a taboo in the general public. The collection recognized, celebrated and accepted our disorders and differences in an alluring manner.

Each ensemble flamboyantly painted common mental disorders all the way through vigilantly premeditated and thought-provoking remarks. The outfits, in essence, had been designed to be very evident and individual in their personality matched up with accessories defining the particular mental illness.

The collection showcased a merger of exactness fits, premium fabrics, luxe details, exaggerated asymmetrical cut lines, classic loose fit pleated silhouettes, and bare-chested coats, among other things. Adding trendsetting personality to the collection were the elaborate suit trimmings, adjoined to elevate the persona of each attire.

Here’s what we loved from the collection!


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