“Meesha cannot become Malala by lying,” Ali Zafar


Pakistani singer and actor, Ali Zafar finally came forward speaking up on the Lux Style Awards controversy and bashed the singer Meesha Shafi for her accusations against him.

Last year, in April, the 38-year- old singer, actor and songwriter opened up on being accused of sexual harassment.

Ali Zafar wrote:

“Meesha Shafi’s case against me has been dismissed alongside the appeal made against the dismissal, the case in the court is my against her to pay for the damages that her false statement has caused me which naturally she is trying to run away from.”

He also added:

“I have been quiet about all this for a year while thousands of disgusting tweets are posted against me like a campaign every time a big event comes, but it’s time to expose the truth via due process of law for which I urge FIA to take strict legal action.

“I would like everyone to join me in asking Miss Shafi to come to court.”

Ali Zafar Speaking to Media outside a sessions court in Lahore in Ali Zafar Defamation Case. Watch the link below!

Afterward, the ‘Teefa in Trouble’ actor further lashed out at Meesha Shafi for lying, saying that she can never be like Malala:

“#Malala is a true warrior who stands for truth and justice has made great sacrifices. Meesha cannot become her by lying and running away from justice hiding behind fake profiles on social media. #FaceTheCourtMeeshaShafi”

Finally, Ali Zafar has issued his first statement; let’s see what happens next… Stay tuned with us for more details!


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