Sham Idrees, wife Froggy attacked by mob in Karachi


The fragmentary dispute amid Youtubers Shaam Idress and Ducky Bhai reached to a new level when an individual ‘punched Shaam’s wife Froggy in face’.

Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Shaam’s wife Queen Froggy was attacked on Sunday evening, during a meet and greets session at Ocean Mall, Karachi.

It was stated that Queen Froggy was also physically beaten however that cannot be seen in the video. Shaam and Froggy think that it’s an ‘organized attack’ and took to social media to share further details.

Here’s what Shaam Idrees tweeted this and later on it was removed:

“I’m sorry to all the fans, especially the kids who were pushed around and got hurt at the meet and greet. An individual attacked my wife and this is heartbreaking. Hurting women and children is what we’ve come down to? We will explain everything in detail shortly.”

Froggy shared this on her Instagram account:

“I’m sorry to all my fans who were not able to take photos, who were pushed, who were hurt and who were abused. I have never seen anything like this. Child and woman abuse needs to stop.”

In a YouTube video, Froggy shared the details of the incident. Watch it below!

Here are Froggy’s remarks from the video:

“I have no choice but to come out in public and share what happened. Because I’m broken, I’m torn, I’m shocked and I’m hurt. Not just emotionally but physically. I didn’t expect Saad or his fellow YouTubers to spread such hate on social media to a point where people want to go out in public and hurt a woman. This time it wasn’t about attacking Shaam. This time I was punched in the face by a Ducky fan and I’m asking for your help. Screaming someone’s name, being their fan is a norm. But going out of your way to hurt someone’s wife, daughter, sister are only something those who don’t respect their own moms and sisters do.”

It was rumored that Ducky bhai was behind this attack but he swiftly denied any involvement in this.

Ducky Bhai tweeted:

“Just heard about the assault on Froggy at Sham’s meet & greet today. This type of disgusting behaviour should never be tolerated at any cost, especially on a woman. Fans should enjoy the occasion by staying in their limits. This is not what I or any other YouTuber encourage to do.”

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