TV host apologized Nasir Khan Jan after bullying him in morning show


SAMAA TV host Muhammad Shueb bullied social media star Nasir Khan Jan in their Morning show on May 6 episode while discussing one of the internet sensation’s videos.

Here’s what he said!

“Khud sakta star hain? Log lanatien detain hain, bash kartay hain, log aap se nafrat kartay hain [Are you a self-proclaimed star? People curse you and despise you.]

To which Nasir Khan Jan replied:

“Trolls are a part of social media; which even the biggest celebrities of social media have to face. You need to accept them.”

Later on, Nasir released a video thanking his fans for supporting him!

“TV channels that invite people to their shows must show respect to their guests. I didn’t even know these kinds of questions would be asked. I am very thankful to my fans and hope they will continue to support me.”

Now, he has issued an apology to Nasir Khan Jan for being rude.

Host Shueb apologized on-air:

“We had a guest on the show and I did not show him respect. I asked him some questions. The questions were wrong, the manner in which I asked them was wrong, and my style of asking them was wrong. It hurt the sentiments of Nasir Khan Jan, his fans, and our viewers. And I am deeply apologetic to all of you because what I did was extremely wrong.”

Here’s the video:

Shueb said that he had learned a valuable lesson on respecting guests and asking them questions in an appropriate fashion.

He then spoke to Nasir Khan Jan to personally apologize:

“I asked [you] some harsh questions. I am ashamed of the way I [did],” he said. “The questions, the way I asked, that was all wrong. I am deeply sorry about it.”

In favor of his part, Nasir Khan Jan courteously accepted the apology moreover, he said that he was not holding on to the matter.

Nasir Khan Jan’s word:

“When we go on shows, they all ask us different questions. Sometimes we are prepared beforehand and are able to easily handle the questions. Sometimes we are not prepared.”

Shueb anew apologized and said he profoundly appreciated that Nasir Khan Jan was exhibiting an astonishing big-heartedness of spirit.

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