“You don’t know the other side of story,” Saboor and Saheefa responded to the backlash


The Pakistani actress, Saboor Aly uploaded an Instagram story which is now creating a buzz on social media screaming that Saboor mocked a person who was cleaning the window.

The actress uploaded a 30-second video on her Instagram account. However, the actors Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Affan Waheed were also seen in that video as it was made on the sets of their upcoming project.

In the video, Saboor was recording window cleaner and she said that kya khwaab dekh ker iss ki ma ne issey ghar se bheja tha.

People started criticizing Saboor:

Actually, the person cleaning up the window in the video is the DOP/ Assistant Director on set.

Saboor also asked Saheefa for her opinion who replied with a laugh while Affan Waheed responded by saying that “mehnat kar raha hai.”

These stories of Saboor has created a new storm on social media spreading that Saboor is making fun of the other person and this unethical plus against the profession etc.

However, to clear up everything, Saboor took it to her Instagram account. Here’s what she said:

However, talking with Saboor and Saheefa on this matter, it’s confirmed that this is an inside joke.

Saboor said:

“I respect everyone and I can’t even think of disrespecting someone like that. He is our friend and it was an inside joke. People don’t even know the whole story and they are drawing conclusions. Moreover, I came across some posts about this and people are posting vile comments, bringing my family into the equation and what not. You know we are people too, we also get affected by such comments. Also, if you want to write an article about it at least contact me first, hear what I have to say before coming to the wrong conclusion.”

Moreover, here’s what Saheefa said on this matter:

“I just want to add that bloggers and all other people who are spreading this news on social media should at least confirm and know the true story before spreading any wrong perspective. It’s very easy for them to write but it really gives a bad impact on the life of that actor/actress.”

Also, she added:

“It’s our fault that we only uploaded one side of the story which has created an off beam perspective regarding Saboor. However, these kinds of jokes happen between friends and colleagues. Ehsan Bhai is our very good friend and we all tease each other.”

After listening to Saboor and Saheefa, it’s actually verified that all that happened was just for fun. It’s true that these kinds of jokes exist between friends and colleagues. We should not take each and everything very seriously on social media. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!


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