Ehsaas Ramzan’s Sehri Transmission on Laylatul Qadr filled our hearts with Faith & Blessings


Ehsaas Ramzan aired its special Sehri transmission on the 2nd of June (27 Ramzan) with a wonderful opening and a splendid ending that left the viewers in tears and serenity. The alternate nights from the last ten days of Ramzan hold special importance for all Muslims, and the big night of the month, the 27th shab adds a splurge of devotion in our hearts. Geo Entertainment has made sure that their transmissions bring their viewers closer to faith.

The highlighted topic of the transmission was “Maangne Ka Maza Aaj Ki Raat Hai.”

The Sehri transmission on the 2nd of June began with a recitation by Qari Haseeb Khan and Qari Mohammad Zain Ul Abideen Naeemi. The entire recitation was so well done by both that it gave us goosebumps and we all felt a state of peace rarely found nowadays.

Rabia Anum did a commendable job in hosting the transmission. Her style of conversation, her soft-spoken voice and her interaction with the audience made the transmission even more enjoyable. She spotted a woman crying relentlessly in the audience and approached her with love. Upon finding out that she dreams of going to Umrah, Rabia took no time in gifting her an Umrah ticket on behalf of the show. This is exactly what Ehsaas Ramzan is all about – the feeling of Ehsaas for others.

The show gave away 3 more Umrah tickets and made this blessing possible for 4 lucky people.

Moulana Imran Bashir spoke on the topic of performing prayers and what should be asked on this blessed night and Dr. Mufti Imran Ul Haq Kalyanvi talked about asking for forgiveness and blessings because no prayer goes unanswered at such a blessed night.

The dua at the end of the transmission brought the audience to tears as well as the viewers, as each hand was raised before Allah and every mouth shakenly repeated Ameen in hopes of making the most of the blessings of the night.


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