“Fatema is being exploited,” Mohsin Abbas Haider


A day before, Mohsin Abbas Haider was alleged of domestic violence against wife Fatema Sohail which she elaborated on her social media account. She told that she was brutally beaten and abused when she was pregnant and Mohsin is cheating on him.

Here’s what she wrote:

Zulim Bardast kerna bhi Qunah hai! I am Fatima. Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider & here is my story.On 26th Nov 2018, I…

Posted by Fatema Sohail on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Later on, everyone came forward to support Fatema Sohail while others were waiting to hear the other side of the story.

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Finally, the actor Mohsin Abbas Haider came forward while denying all the accusations against himself.

While speaking to the media, Mohsin said:

“Whatever she [Fatima Sohail] is saying, is a lie, I never touched her. It is true that I have had anger issues in the past but I’m a changed man.”

However, he said that the wife is trying to play the woman card.

Moreover, he said:

“I don’t hold anything against her, she’s a troubled woman and the only way forward is divorce.”

According to Mohsin, the wife refused to accept separation.

“I craved for family life and wanted to marry a second wife. I don’t know if it was jealousy or something but she didn’t want me to go through with it under any circumstances.”

Also, he said:

“My wife’s allegations are all a part of a conspiracy against me being carried out by my “enemies” in the showbiz industry.”

He added:

“Every woman who accuses a man with tears in her eyes can’t be telling the truth.”

Lastly, he said:

“She’s not a bad woman, let’s just say I was never her type. I’m not here to attack her in anyway whatsoever.”

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