5 delightful rainy day foods we all love


A rainy day adds more color to your surroundings and more taste to your food. Whether you like to go out or not, you are always craving for some luscious food in this rainy season.

When it comes to Karachites, they’re always ready to hit the dhabas and roadside cafes while sitting in their cars in pajamas. Also, you’re happily served with the yummy food in your car.

We bring you 5 mouth-watering foods which will add more delight and flavor to your rainy day experience! It is nearly impossible to make the most of a rainy day without savoring these appetizing rainy day foods.

1. Kachori

Dream the savor of scrummy kachoris, served with spicy Alu ki tarkari, what else do you need when it’s raining? You can serve hot fries and chips to add on more spice and flavor. Sounds amazing? Isn’t it?

2. Samosa and Jalebi

Samosa is our all-time favorite in the rainy season. Why not add, something sweet into the list of monsoon diaries? You guess it right! We’re talking about hot and tempting jalebis which obviously tastes mouth-watering in monsoon. Jalebis curved in the sickly syrup with the combination of samosas are simply wow.

3. Pakoray

During monsoon, mouth-watering pakoras along with a cup of tea is an incredible combination. You can modify your choice by selecting from a wide range of onion pakora and potato pakora etc with imli ki chutney.

4. Chaat, Gol Gappay and Pani Puri

Now there’s nothing better than eating Chaat, Gol Gappay and Pani Puri when it’s raining outside. Actually, we are in love with meethi dahi puri, however, there are various other varieties which you can eat in this season according to your taste.

5. Bun Kababs

Monsoon enjoyment is incomplete without eating Bun Kababs. Apart from KFC and MacDonald’s, we have a never-ending love for Bun Kababs. And, we can never replace it with a burger.

You should enjoy this season as much as you can, however, you should take care of yourself as well during the rainy season.

Did we miss any of your favorite food? Let us know in the comment below.


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