Naqab Zan breaking stereotypes

Important topics like ‘rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ are considered as taboos in our society, subjects that aren’t to be spoken of at any cost. However, in order to truly grow as a society as well as individually, these matters need to be brought up on large platforms. Fortunately, the latest drama serial, Naqab Zan, directed by Adeel Siddiqui, managed to do just that.
In this drama, we witness a complicated couple where Farhat (Hajra Yamin) immensely loves her husband, Amir (Ali Abbas), and tries to connect with him all the time, replying to all his straightforward and to-the-point comments with the most cheerful responses.
While we see how remarkably Farhat manages to maintain that merrily optimistic spirit of hers even though Amir subtly brushes her off every single time she tries to interact with him, we are introduced to her chirpy, little sister, Duaa (Saboor Aly), the to-be-bride and the rape victim in this drama as well.
For a tv show with a topic as sensitive as this to really create a great impact on its audience, actors and actresses are required to truly get into their characters, portraying emotions so genuinely and with such intensity that even the audience, filled with people who merely watching the drama, have no other choice but to feel those very emotions that the characters they witness are feeling.
As hard as it is to carry this out, Saboor Aly and Hajra Yamin seem to have mastered this art with the way they have performed the roles of Duaa and Farhat. The way they deliver their dialogues, as well as their impeccable facial expressions, has, nonetheless, managed to win everyone’s hearts!
Naqab Zan isn’t just a ‘typical’ drama. It’s about all the major problems in our society that we absolutely refuse to acknowledge let alone talk about.
It is, after all, impossible for us to create even the slightest bit of difference if we reject the mere idea of changing our mindsets.


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