Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain to feature in Hum Tv’s Daasi


The Angaan actress Mawra Hocane and the Ho Man Jahan actor Adeel Hussain are pairing up for the Hum Tv’s drama serial “Daasi”. The actors are working together for the first time and will appear as the main leads.

While talking about the drama serial, writer Misbah Nausheen shared:

The story features Mawra playing a dynamic character named Sunehri. She lives in a small neighborhood community with her mother, who is a single parent and works at a boutique as a seamstress. She’s extremely caring and strong-willed and is described as daring; if someone dares raise a finger at her, she has the capability to break their finger and chooses to fight fire with fire.

Sunehri also has a friend named Aliya, played by Faryal Mehmood, who is just as strong-willed as her.

While adding to it, Nausheen said:

The drama depicts a small middle-class society and the ins and outs of their everyday life, celebrations, and relations within the community. It portrays a well-connected, tight-knit community that share their sorrows and joys just as much as they share their materialistic possessions.

The teaser shows that Adeel Hussain is crying at someone’s funeral; it seems like his character’s father passes away.

On the other hand, we can see that Aahil Salahuddin (Adeel Hussain), lives in a privileged neighborhood and has suffered from an abandoned childhood.

Aahil’s family has seen no love vanished amid his parents and his mother shows little kindness towards her dying husband.

Aahil is powerless to forget the trauma caused by his mother’s behavior towards his father in his final moments. The story starts as we see the effects of his father’s death on Aahil during his misery.

Aahil then leaves his comfortable life at the back plus ends up in Sunehri’s house as a renter, which becomes the start of their story.

In the end, Nausheen concluded:

The drama is a very happy feel-good one that focuses on all the happiness in life. It’s full of joy and romance and devoid of the usual plots and twists we see otherwise. It’s a story about a young happy girl who only dreams in life is to give her mom a comfortable life. In the course of her life, she is betrayed by both love and friendship and it is this betrayal that forces her to change.

Daasi has been directed by Mohsin Talat. Are you excited to see Mawra and Adeel as an onscreen couple? Let’s know in the comments below!



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