Navin Waqar asks why women are always blamed for unsuccessful marriages


Navin Waqar is well known for her startling acting skills. She is the best known for her negative role in the famous drama serial “Humsafar”.  From acting in “Mah-e-Tamam” to the journey of “Tajdeed-e-Wafa” she proved herself by her talent.

Recently, the actress appeared in “Bol Night” with the host Ahsan Khan where she talked about the issue of blaming women for failed marriages.

Navin asked why is it mostly women who are blamed over an unsuccessful marriage.

The host Ahsan Khan also agreed with her.

Also, Ahsan Khan said that people criticize you by saying:

“You could not take care of your husband well, now look at what happened.”

Many of them go so far in blaming women when their partner would not inhabit:

“You were not enough for him and look what happened.”

Moreover, he spoke:

“On the contrary, Islam teaches both the husband and wife need to respect each other to make their marriage successful. This observation is in sharp contrast to how society believes that only women are supposed to make marriages work.”

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. No matter what the reason is, women are always at fault for the divorce. Most women will get the blame for divorce while men are off the hook from any accusation or from being the topic of gossip. “You could not take care of your husband well, now look what happened.” “You were not good enough for him and look what happened? He is now taken by another woman!” Women are still marginalized from society because of their status as a divorcée. Their quality as a woman is lowered and she is considered the last option for men. But worse, women are seen as the reason for the marriage breakup. Although our religion has taught us something different, we need to learn how to respect each other,Things need to be changed now ! Do you guys agree ? #love #respect #women #men #equality #life #is #beautiful #with #eachother #wellsaid #naveenwaqar #bolnightswithahsankhan #bolnews

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