Veena Malik undergoes Breast Surgery and says Breast care is REAL

Veena says breast care is REAL in post-fibroadenoma surgery tweets
Superstar Veena Malik has urged women to take care of their health and reiterated that breast care is ‘REAL’ after she underwent a fibroadenoma removal surgery at the South City Hospital, Karachi.
The Big Boss and Hum Sub Umeed Sey Hain famed popular star stressed that breast care shouldn’t be a taboo subject to discuss.

She tweeted:

“I would take this moment to stress the fact that breast care is REAL it breast cancer or any other breast disease. Women must take care of themselves. And it shouldn’t be considered a taboo.”
A fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that can develop in the breast. The tumors consist of glandular and connective tissue and they can vary in size. Some are so small that a person cannot feel them, while others are easy to locate during self-examination.
Wild rumors were doing rounds on social media since pictures of Malik in a hospital bed began circulating.

Putting an end to the rumors mill, the actor in an announcement on her social media pages on Friday night tweeted;

“With the grace of Almighty Allah, I had a successful fibroadenoma removal surgery. I am indebted to all the love and prayers said and expressed by my people.” 
The renowned celebrity specifically expressed her gratitude to the doctor who supervised her surgery, Dr. Kauser Rehman.

Dr. Rehman said in her statement:

“Veena presented with a painful lump which was increasing in size. I examined and felt a hard lump in her breast. It was a benign lump. The surgery went uneventful, she recovered really well.”
Dr. Kauser also reiterated that girls should be aware of breast cancer symptoms and if they notice a lump or any change in the breast, without wasting a minute they should immediately consult with breast specialists.

She said in a brief statement to the media:

“Either it’s benign or even has touched cancer stage. If it’s diagnosed in time, it can be treated well.”
The Pakistani superstar and BOL TV’s lead face, according to sources privy to the development, will soon be leading a breast care awareness campaign in coming days.


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