Kinza Hashmi making strong statement in the drama industry


Kinza Hashmi, the actress we absolutely adore, is currently starring as the innocent and full of life Gulzar in Hum TV’s drama serial Gul O Gulzar. The problem that occurs quite often is that not many actors/actresses are able to keep the audience engaged throughout, resulting in the drama failing to create the impact it had initially hoped to create.

However, Kinza’s impressive acting skills and extremely genuine expressions have managed to get us to stick around for every upcoming episode.

Throughout the drama, we’ve seen everything that Gulzar has been through and all the pain she’s had to endure because of her thought-to-be best friend, Gul.

Nonetheless, it feels pretty good now that things are finally working out for her- living a happy married life with the man she loves and applying for admission in one of the medical universities she’s always wanted to go to.

It’s as if in the end, regardless of all that’s happened, Gulzar has finally gotten the life she’s always dreamt of!

But hey- that’s not it. Knowing no limits, Kinza’s versatile nature has gotten her to star in not 1 but 2 more drama serials and the audience is absolutely loving it!

As she stars with Osama Tahir in Deewar-e-Shab, the young and witty couple’s chemistry truly has our hearts.

The good news for us is that she will also be starring in an upcoming drama “Tu Mera Junoon” along with the talented Noor Hassan, Sana Fakhar and Asad Siddiqui.

Make sure you’ve got your popcorn ready, it’ll be airing on Geo TV quite soon!



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