Pakistani drama osts 2018-19 you need to have in your playlist


The Pakistani showbiz industry is rolling with new and expert people who are making waves amid the veterans. however, what’s appreciably fascinating is the range of music that we are getting the chance to hear from time to time. Pakistani drama serials have been breaking the records in spreading awareness on the Taboo issues of the society. We have to believe in this fact that the Pakistani drama industry is giving us loads of euphonious music. Now, we have gone to a point where our drama serial’s OSTs are more powerful to commercial, mainstream music.

Here’s the list:

Do Bol

The drama serial “Do Bol” depicts a story of love, heartbreak, and agony. The tune integrates all the pain and misery in it plus Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Aima Baig’s voice seems to be perfect for this drama serial.


This is a drama serial based on mistakes done as a youngster which seems to be regretting. The OST of this drama serial tells the whole scenario with the help of strong lyrics. When it comes to Qurtulain Baloch’s voice no one can beat her.


This drama serial is all about love and alliance turning into pain and melancholy. The OST is sung in the beautiful voice of Wajji Ali and for sure it will give you goosebumps!


This drama serial is not a love story or something but more towards crime and thriller where Saba Qamar and has an influential role. The OST is sung by Syed Asrar and he has something magical in his voice!


This drama serial revolves around the game of revenge, hate, and jealousy. Also, it gave a very significant moral lesson. The OST is sung by Sehar Gul Khan and her voice is simply mind-blowing.

Koi Chaand Rakh

Just like the story, the title track is also a journey that breathes misery, the sacrifices we make for our loved ones.  Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, it will make you emotional.


This drama serial also revolves around misfortune and regaining back love with misery. Listening to the OST in the voice of Ali Tariq and Bushra Bilal is a treat I swear! The composition gives us the feeling of od a sad Bollywood song.


Farhan Saeed gives a satisfactory and virtually musical feel to the track Hari from Aangaan. Hari takes you back in time and helps you to remember the ’80s adore and catastrophe, one that is permanent.


Balaa’s track imbibes the incorrigible thrill and suspense of the drama serial. Sung by Faiza Mujahid who manages to heighten the mystery of the show accompanied by Zohaib Hassan gives the track a haunting tone which only ignites one’s curiosity.

Parlour Wali Larki

This drama serial revolves around the love triangle and torments. The OST Bol Kaffara is sung by Sehar Gul Khan and her voice will take you to another world.

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