Zain and Haider Raza’s Qawwali Mola Meray Mola brings spiritual ecstasy


The Mola Meray Mola Qawwali from the duo – Zain Raza and Haider Raza – has attracted praises all across the board from fans and critics for its deep lyrics, soulful composition and attractive videography.

The Qawwali shot at different locations by director Moiz Khan remained true to the soul of the melody. A difficult task handled with utmost care and dedication. The Qawaals believed that the positive energy was the force behind its flawless flow.

“It never felt as a challenge at any stage. We were always up and ready for it because the spirituality attached with it makes it special and deep,” said Zain Raza in a brief chat with the scriber. However, both the singers said that they put all the maximum effort to ensure that the modern fusion used in it doesn’t adversely impact the soul of the Sufi Kalam.

Speaking about the composition of the Qawwali, the singers said that they made sure that it complimented the lyrics. “As a singer its important to understand and comprehend the message. An expert musician know how important it is to match the frequency between composition and lyrics,” said Haider Raza.

The singers said that the main idea behind the project was to give the message of peace and love as according to the guidance of the Almighty Allah, adding that through the use numerous instruments, the musicians tried to highlight the uncounted blessings which He has showered without any restriction to the humanity.

The musicians said that the audience from all over the world can relate with the Qawwali as the word for Almighty transcends border. “It connects with people all over the world because it comes directly from the heart and goes directly into it. That’s the beauty of Qawwali,” said Zain Raza, a few moments before he takes a sip of tea.

Both the Qawwals have expressed their gratitude for the acclaimed recognition and praises being showered by the people on their recent production and have promised that more such impact work will be coming soon in coming days.


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