Coke Studio in hot water after multiple copyright claims


Coke Studio season 12 seems to be in trouble once again. This time it’s because of copyright issues over three songs. Fans are very disturbed by these recent issues and question management for copyright ambiguity.

First, Shuja Haider and Rachel Viccaji’s Saiyaan was taken down from YouTube temporarily after a copyright smack by EMI Pakistan.

Later on, the version of Billo by Abrar ul Haq was too dropped because of ‘Karman Entertainment Limited’s copyright claim.’ Moreover, Billo became a hit and received a lot of appreciation from people.

Now, it’s for the third time. ‘Hairan Hua’ first song of Sanam Marvi for the season was removed from YouTube days after it was released.

In short, the video is no longer available because of Abida Parveen’s copyright claim.

Also, Coke Studio Season 12’s episode 5 is uploaded on other platforms except for YouTube. What can be the reason?

Upon asking the reason for not uploading episode 5 on YouTube, the Coke Studio publicist responded:

“Due to some technical issues and glitches from the side of YouTube, the songs aren’t uploaded.”

Here’s what the public says on this issue:

Let’s see what happens.

For more details, stay tuned with us!



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