Pakistani actresses who are good at singing


We have seen people leaving their professions to acquire other skills but our Pakistani celebrities are very smart and versatile. They’re multi-talented because they can manage different things side by side.

Singing seems to be a cup of tea for our talented Pakistani actresses. However, it may not be a piece of cake for others. From beautiful looks to amazing acting skills, this talent was surely hidden from the fans.

We have gathered the names of Pakistani actresses who are good at singing besides acting:

1. Ayesha Omer

The “BulBulay” famed actress is not only a good actor and host, but she’s also a good singer too.

2. Mehwish Hayat

The “Chalawa” actress is an all-rounder. Plus, singing for her seems to be genetic. Also, she made an appearance in Coke Studio for showing up her singing skills.

3. Sajal Aly

The actress is rising up day by day with her brilliant performances. Moreover, she sang the OST of ‘Yeh Dil Mera’ in which she’s on the lead role with her husband to be Ahad Raza Mir.

4. Zara Noor Abbas

Rani from ‘EhdeWafa’ is ruling over a million hearts with her amazing performance. Moreover, she has a beautiful voice.

5. Hania Amir

The ‘Ana” actress is also a good rapper plus she also sang the OST of ‘Ana’.

6. Hira Mani

Hira is once again making us happy with her super amazing performance in ‘Mere Pas Tum ho’. When it comes to singing, Hira can beat others. We think that she can be a very good playback singer in real life.

7. Fiza Ali

Model and actress Fiza Ali never fail to amaze us with her different skills. But when it comes to singing, she never fails to amaze us.

8. Nimra Khan

#Nimrakhan brilliantly singing song Hawayin in her beautiful voice loving it ❤❤

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Nimra did her best as a negative role in ‘Bhool’. Also, we are amazed to hear her melodious voice while singing.

9. Kubra Khan

Husn e Jahan from ‘Alif’ has once again captured our hearts with the mesmerizing acting skills. Also, she has a beautiful voice.

10. Urwa Hocane

The ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ actress is not seen on screen now. Might be she’s on break. But we still remember how sweetly she sang the song in her drama serial ‘Udaari’.

11. Sadia Khan

The beautiful Pakistani model and actress Sadia Khan have also surprised us with her sweet voice while singing.

Who’s your favorite singer? Let’s know in the comments below!


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