Punjab police to hire psychiatrists for screening & counselling of police officers


The Punjab police have decided to hire as many as 30 psychiatrists to provide counselling to its personnel who are suffering from mental stress.

The new Punjab IG Police Shoaib Dastagir supposed:

“Police officers performing operational duties work day and night and suffer severe mental stress. The department will hire psychiatrists for screening and counselling of such personnel.”

Addressing a news conference at the Rawalpindi Police Lines on Tuesday, Punjab’s IG Police told that the police force has to its credit one too many encounters in which innocent people have been killed after being mistaken as criminals.

The IGP made his first visit to the garrison city; and desired for a better partnership between police and the media. In addition, he said that crime reporting should not always describe chaos and disorder. He insists on the media personnel to sensitise the people about the stress experienced by the police in the line of duty.

Regarding the performance of the police, he said institutions need some operational freedom to deliver. Assuring that transfers and postings will be done on merit only, the Punjab police chief said the department tolerates no pressure, political or otherwise.

Police, IGP Dastagir reminded, plays a vital role in ensuring good governance. “The writ of state prevails only when there are law and order,” he said.

The biggest hindrance police face in controlling crime was a lack of resources, he said, adding that the real task for the force was to work efficiently within the limited resources.

On public-friendly policing, he said the establishment of front desks in police stations has proved beneficial for thousands of complainants.

Declaring the establishment of a safe city project in Rawalpindi as vital, the IGP said that the structure of the building has been constructed and it will be completed once the necessary funds are available.

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