Celebs slammed Khalil Ur Rehman for bashing woman in a live show


Khalil Ur Rehman is someone who’s always under different controversies due to his unsuitable conversations in the interviews and talk shows.

Last night, Khalil Ur Rehman appeared on a local TV channel and cursed a woman on live television. And, the topic was none other than the Aurat March. He explained how he’s against the slogans of Aurat March.

In response to a question by the host, Qamar started off by saying,

 “When the court has denied the usage of slogans like ‘Mera jism, Meri marzi’ (My body, my choice), then it hurts me deeply when figures like Marvi Sirmed use these slogans.”

The moment he spoke this, Sirmed interrupted his reply by repeating the same slogan over and over again. This left Qamar perplexed as he started yelling at her in a mortifying way.

He said,

“Tere jism men hai kya? (What is in your body) Don’t talk in between. Thookta nahi hai koi tere jism pe (No one would even spit on your body). Shut up you b****. Beech men nahi bolo (Don’t talk in between).”

Upon this whole controversy, here’s how celebrities are reacting:


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