Winning an Oscar is no big deal, Feroze Khan


Feroze Khan was a renowned actor in our industry. He had a very successful career in the showbiz industry. Also, he won a million hearts with his acting skills.  But its been a while, Feroze Khan realized that this world is temporary and the life hereafter is something we should worry about.

So, he announced that he won’t do acting now. He has left the showbiz and will spend the rest of his life according to the teaching of Islam. Feroze Khan announced one thing for all of us. He told that he’s is going to start his own clothing line very soon.

He said that he is working on his own brand and will announce the news in the coming days. Besides this, he revealed that he got an offer of the main role for a Hollywood movie, but he rejected it. It was a lead role that was offered to him, but for him winning an Oscar is no big achievement.

For him, religion and Allah matter first before anything else. He chose the path of Allah and will continue to provide his services for the teaching of Islam.

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