Public slammed Maria B for defending her husband


Lahore based famous designer Maria Butt known as Maria B is making headlines these days along with her husband Malik Tahir Saeed. In the early hours of Tuesday, Punjab Police raided on Maria B’s house and arrested her husband.

Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed was arrested for putting many lives at risk after he sent the family’s chef, who tested positive for COVID19, home to his village near Vehari by bus devoid of reporting to authorities or getting him any treatment.

After that, a tear-filled video message released on social media, the designer declared that police told the couple there is an FIR against Saeed and did not allow him to discuss with a lawyer at the time.

Later on, another video went viral on social media where the designer requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to release her husband.

After that, Maria B’s husband, Tahir Saeed, has been released from police custody, the couple confirmed in a video posted online.

However, the designer and her husband explained in another video what had happened, saying that bizarre news had been making its way around the internet.

They said they wanted to clear some misconceptions Maria’s video had caused.

After hearing all this, people can’t stop slamming Maria B and her husband:

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