Ruswai’s ending leaves audience in tears with a powerful message


Ruswai, with the most powerful and heart touching storyline just ended and conveyed so many lessons that we should learn. Sameera ( Sana Javed) who’s a rape victim finally gets justice after a very struggling journey.

The way she acted was super phenomenal, from delivering dialogues to the action and expressions, we should give a big round of applause to Sameera’s character.

Besides this, Hamza (Osama Tahir) and Dr. Feroze (Adnan Jaffar) sets a very big example for the men of our society to respect and support women. The way they both supported Sameera was absolutely mind-blowing. They also deserve massive appreciation.

Apart from all that, each and every character of the drama serial did a very great job. Ruswai is the biggest lesson for each one. Your silence can be the silence of many untold stories that deserve justice.

The special and surprise entry of Mukhtara Mai gave us goosebumps and the scene hit us hard. Moreover, the last episode left us all in tears with a thought-provoking note.

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