Adeel Chaudhry steals the limelight again in drama serial Munafiq

The ongoing drama serial, Munafiq, with its extremely intriguing storyline has, undoubtedly, captivated the Pakistani audience.
Set in an era where only individuals possessing power and money enjoy the many great benefits in society, Munafiq’s script further explores the saddening existence of hierarchy found between different social classes within our society and more specifically, how greatly the common man is affected by them.
Although often we see the positive characters in a certain drama serial stealing the show, evidently that is not always the case.
Just as Ahsan Khan and Faisal Qureshi have certainly moved audiences with their remarkable performances in Udaari and Balaa while playing a negative role, Armaan’s negative character in Munafiq, played by the dapper-looking actor Adeel Chaudhry, has increasingly gained immense popularity amongst fans.
Not only has Adeel managed to play the villain in Munafiq with the utmost precision but he has truly owned Arman’s character – something that deserves to be lauded.
From Arman’s political dressing styles that Adeel came up with himself to the way with which he delivered his dialogues and made the associated gestures, it is safe to say that Adeel mastered the role he was given and fit into his character unlike any other actor could possibly have.
A key issue most actors/actresses tend to face while playing certain types of roles they haven’t before is lacking genuineness in their expressions hence making the acting seem somewhat fake. Adeel Chaudhry, on the other hand, successfully made all of his character’s facial expressions seem incredibly realistic.
Furthermore, not having played a negative role ever before, Adeel has displayed such breathtaking versatility and acting skills that we are indeed reminded of the very essential qualities that make an actor truly phenomenal.


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