Nida, Yasir, Alizeh, others tested positive for Covid_19


It seems that 2020 is the worst year for everyone. Where every other individual is suffering from Corona Virus, the plane crash incident happened. And, the environment becomes more traumatic now.

The sad but true news is making waves on social media regarding Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz. According to some sources, Morning show host Nida, producer Yasir and their daughter tested positive for covid_19.

It is being reported that crew members on the sets of their shows have also tested positive as Nida continued to host a morning show on ARY Digital, during the ongoing lockdown.

Besides this, Alizeh Shah and Naveed Raza who are the cast of drama serial ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushan’ also tested positive.

Also, Alizeh Shah’s co-star Noaman Sami is also waiting for his results of covid_19 test.

The actors haven’t made any public statement regarding it but sources reveal that they are the victim of this deadly virus. We hope that they all recover soon.


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