Zara Noor Abbas trolled for talking about racism while endorsing fairness brands


Currently, the U.S, is under the fire because of the protests happening against the killing of black people by the police and people around the globe are raising their voice to support #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Ehd e Wafa famed actress Zara Noor Abbas uploaded the video of a little who burst into tears while giving a speech on why black lives mattered.

While taking it to Instagram, she wrote:

“Imagine. Our kids. People we know. Go through this. Every day of their life. Just because of their skin colour. Then adds up their societal balance of the class. Bank account. Assets. They have to fight for the basics such as breathing. Racism is a war. Not a threat to humanity. It’s a war that we have to fight against so much so that we have to re-invent, re-grow, re-think every thought and idea about classism. Differences. Sexism. Everything.

However, Zara Noor Abbas is under fire now for posting this video as people think that she’s promoting Pakistan through fairness cream ad. In comments, one of her followers called her out for protesting racism internationally and a whitening face wash on the other hand.

Here’s how Zara justified herself:

“Good, because that does not promote killing. Does not promote racism. Stop making this out of context when its not the agenda. Your word doesn’t matter here. What matters is human life and equality and this is what I am here for. A face wash is killing no one.

The audience is not happy with her justification. It’s high time that racism and other things should be eradicated from our society. And, people with every skin tone should be accepted as a normal individual.

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