Celebs join in peaceful protest against increasing rape cases


After the constant increase in the cases of rape, sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual assault etc, people are protesting on roads demanding for justice. All they need is a brutal punishment for the accusers and a safe nation for every woman.

Today, mostly all the celebrities plus local public are out for the peaceful protest with the banners etc. And, this wants we need when no one is there to help. It’s high time that offenders should be hanged publicly.

Here’s how our celebrities took part in this protest:

Mahirah Khan

Mansha Pasha

Ayesha Omar

Yasir Hussain

Sarah Khan & Shazia Wajahat

Ali Rehman Khan

Meesha Shafi & Saba Hamid

Fahad Mirza

Maryam Nafees

Sarwat Gillani

Frieha Altaf

What are your thoughts on it? Let’s know in the comments below!


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