Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’s trailer looks thrilling and action packed


Finally, the much-awaited teaser of Mahirah Khan and Fahad Mustafa’s Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad is out. Through watching the first teaser, one cannot guess much about the movie. Still, it seems to be a thrilling movie full of actions.

Directed by Nabeel Qureshi and produced by Fizza Ali Meerza and Mehdi Ali, Mahirah Khan and Fahad Mustafa will share the big screen for the first time.

The trailer shows a handsome cop (Fahad Mustafa) and an independent confident woman (Mahirah Khan). Moreover, it ends with a powerful dialogue, “Jaante Ho, Noton Pe Quaid-e-Azam Ki Tasveer Kyun Hai?” which will make you think twice.

While talking to BBC, Mahirah Khan told that she always wanted to work with Fahad Mustafa. But, there wasn’t any time.

Now, one of the two famous stars will be seen together.

Watch the trailer below!

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