Maya Ali speaks up on the wrong perception about love in society


The most talented and famous star of the Pakistani entertainment industry, none other than Maya Ali is all set to come back on the TV screen with ARY Digital’s drama ‘Pehli Si Muhabbat’. Maya will play the lead alongside Sheheryar Munawar in this drama serial.

Before that, we also saw this amazing duo in the movie Parey Hut Love. Now, we are super excited to see their chemistry again in this drama serial.

While talking about her character Rakshi, she said:

“I always try my best to convey some sort of a message for our society, for our people, through my roles.”

She told while it isn’t too different, she has tried her best to make it different and unique. Rakshi is a respectful girl who loves deeply.

She explained:

“Where she loves unconditionally with an open heart, she is also aware of her boundaries and cares about her family’s respect.”

Maya shared how Rakshi breaks stereotypes formed about love in our society:

“We have a wrong perception here that if you dare to love someone, it makes you batameez (mannerless), or makes you cross your boundaries and limits, but the beauty of this character is that she loves in a respectful way.”

While concluding, she spoke:

“She cares about her father’s respect in society and also cares about the one she loves. So, she knows everything around her and I feel that is true for a majority of girls here.”

Watch the teasers below:

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