‘I believe in gender equality’, Sarah Khan


Raqse Bismil famed actress Sarah Khan thinks that Allah has created men and women with equal rights. There shouldn’t be any gender discrimination.

In a recent interview, Sarah Khan said:

I believe in gender equality. I do not say that women should be superior, they should be treated as equals.

According to Sarah, we should follow the status given by Allah. And, we should not try to make it a competition.

However, talking about ‘Aurat March’, she spoke:

Don’t teach your daughters to go to ‘Aurat March’, educate your sons and teach them that their mother is also a woman.

While talking about the status of men and women, she explained:

A woman is the one who runs the house, does the house chores and supports the man. If your wife is not helpful, then how will you be happy? Allah has already granted status to the woman, but I think men should be given the same rights. They deserve the same, not only women.


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