Thappar isn’t a joke, it leaves a mark on your mind forever: Faysal Qureshi


Faysal Qureshi is one of the best stars from our Pakistani Entertainment Industry with exceptional acting skills. We don’t need to introduce him because who doesn’t know him?

He’s making waves in this industry the day he started his career. He has given us a list of hit drama serials to watch. He’s the one who can easily mould himself in any role.

Currently, we are seeing Faysal Qureshi in his ongoing blockbuster drama serial ‘Fitoor’. The drama is onair on Geo starring Hiba Bukhari, Wahaj Ali and Kiran Haq in the lead.

Recently, the star appeared in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine where he talked about the thappar trend in drama serials.

The star said:

“Thappar means a lot. We take Thappar as a joke, but thappar isn’t a joke. You all have seen what happened on my show. So, Thappar isn’t a joke, and it’s true. We take thappar very light. But it leaves a mark on your mind forever.”

While telling about the impact created by a thappar, he spoke:

“It is very difficult to remove it from your mind and to forget it. That mark cannot be removed by giving some flowers or a gift. It doesn’t get removed even after years.”

He shared that he enjoyed doing each and every scene of the drama serial ‘Fitoor’ because of the mindblowing script and powerful dialogues. The dialogues are powerful and thought-provoking and we can’t deny this.

Watch the interview below:

Are you watching ‘Fitoor’? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!


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