Public opinion on Dunk’s last episode


Dunk drama serial of Ary Digital was directed by Badar Mehmood, written by Mohsin Ali Shah and produced by Fahad Mustafa.

Dunk was based on the false allegations of sexual harassment that ended yesterday with its double episodes. The drama serial was based on the real-life story of a professor.

Fans were eagerly waiting to watch the last episode because of their interest and curiosity. The justice was served and it made us all believe that you get served what you deserve. Now, that’s called Karma.

Everyone was in love with the superb acting and expressions of Bilal Abbas Khan (Haider). The way he portrayed his character was mind-blowing. Azekah Daniel (Minal) who played the role of Haider’s wife did an amazing job.

Fans loved how Minal stood beside Haider and supported him when no one was there. This gives us a message that there are some people in your life who never leave you when you are in a problem. Besides this, we need to appreciate Sardar Usman who played the role of Haider’s friend. He set a perfect example of true friendship. The way he was always ready to help Haider was emotional and heart touching for us.

Yasra Rizvi and Nauman Ijaz also did justice to their characters with their phenomenal acting. Apart from this, Sana Javed also played her negative role very well. People started hating her for her role in the drama. This means that she proved herself with her acting skills.

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