Faryal Mehmood faces backlash for fast-shaming Hareem Farooq as a joke


Recently, Faryal Mehmood appeared at ‘Times Out With Ahsan Khan’ where she talked about the media industry, controversies and different other stuff.

Faryal always manages to gather public attention while sharing opinions on different topics. However, she’s facing massive backlash these days for justifying her fat-shaming jokes. Earlier, Faryal fat-shamed Hareem Farooq during the ‘Mazak Raat’ show.

When host Ahsan Khan inquired about the details, she shared:

“They asked me a question in which they said if you have a car and it has three seats, and they gave me a list of names, who you will take along, the names he mentioned all were my friends with the exception of Hareem. They asked me why I wouldn’t include Hareem in the car so I cracked a little joke and said, ‘She won’t fit.’

Moreover, she added:

“Hareem took offence at that. Of course, it was a joke. Why would I make fun of anyone?”

Furthermore, she said:

“I was fat once and used to be not able to fit anywhere. There was nothing to take so personally. Just lose some weight, it’s not that hard.”

While justifying her body-shaming jokes casually, she spoke:

“Even if she doesn’t lose weight, she’s doing really well. People consider body-shaming bad but because I’ve been through the journey, I know what body-shaming does. It is bad, but if ex-fat people crack a joke, it’s not a big deal. ‘Chill karo.’ If I had always been thin, then it would have been bad. If I’ve lost weight then I can say it, because I know anyone can lose weight.”

People have got furious after Faryal’s statement and justifications. They are criticizing her for her jokes.

Let’s see what the public has to say:


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