Tiktok should be banned, it’s a big issue: Shahid Afridi


Shahid Afridi is a well-known name of Pakistan that doesn’t need any introduction though. From the journey of cricket to working for social welfare, each one knows this hero.

Recently, Shahid Afridi appeared at ‘Times Out With Ahsan Khan’ with another guest Shehzad Roy. There, they talked about Tiktok, new trends and much more.

Shahid Afridi urged Shehzad Roy to do something for Tiktok ban and said:

You work for a lot of causes, make it your cause and ban this TikTok.

Moreover, he said:

As you are going to Islamabad, please get this thing done too.

Lala shared that he doesn’t like Tiktok at all. He wants a ban on it.

When Shehzad Roy asked the reason for Tiktok ban, Boom boom Afridi responded:

In many remote areas, there’s no education but wifi is there. So, to use wifi we need to be educated. We should be educated to use any app. How are we using it?

Moreover, he explained:

People don’t know the usage of these apps. I’m shocked to see cellphones in 12 13years old children’s hands. This is the time for students to achieve their goals.

Lastly, he urged:

Tiktok should be banned as it’s a big issue.

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.


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